1. Thumbelina Toad Slut
2. in sickness and in sickness
3. Stench Number Seven
4. Little Sap and Varicose
5. Shadowy Lesbian Pornograph
6. The Dead Hymen
7. Widower
8. Less than Queer
9. Ship of Snails
10. Severed Hand Holding Daisies
11. Legends of the S.S.
12. Sandra Lindsey
13. Crippled Lord of Fairies
14. I was a Fool in Love
15. Taxidermy Tragedy
16. Gentleman Farmer Slips Away

Thumbelina Toad Slut

Followed you with flowers through your father's field of skulls.
The panties of Pamplona lay weeping.
Shave my headless body in a religious experience…
oh, forgive me, I meant to say "experiment."

You give me a home where the Barcelonans roam.
You give me the sweet cold romance of genocide.
Thumbelina Toad Slut, fairy in a fig,
Adolf, you paint the people so tiny, you paint the steeple
so big.

 From disease about disease, she wrote me everyday.
 From Paradise to Treblinka, I was always in the way.
 And that which I recall is that which I resent
 like a baby who savors the scent of
 another baby's placenta.

 All that child left you
 for a puddle on the floor.
 Never seen you so pure
 the Holy Spirit's private whore...

They found my Jewish therapist
with a German knife in her left breast
and I can't remember where I was last night.

 I can't remember where I was last night.

in sickness and in sickness

Gonna waste you, little girl
and it's time that you were told this.
There's a place for you in this world
and that's in my soapdish.

Call me a cold Caiaphus
a sight for psoriasis.
Innocence, deny us thus this love.
And fine as the line where a rape becomes a murder…
my life, a shambles
my wife, a chandelier.

She wouldn't break her habit
so I broke three bones in her hand
then I fed the dog a radish
felt finished as a man.

Said half a rosary
in a single sigh no lie.
She brought out all the good in me
and taught it how to die.

So now she's got the curse
there in her deck chair sunning.
The engines of the hearse
are running.

Stench Number Seven

Gerald was twelve when he first fell in love
she was a girl very much the same age.
Pretty and lean and skinny and clean
by every pretty-lean-skinny-clean gauge.
They had a pretend wedding with a pretend veil
 in a derelict Episcopal church.
Gerald's brother Mary played the pretend priest
when he grew up he became a real priest.

 But Gerald was twenty when he first made love
 was in a dingy Phillipine ghetto.
 He was on liberty from everything but the bulge
 in the pants of his Navy dress clothes.
 "If you're lookin' for a thing, I can sell you a thing,"
said a midget who was into selling sin.
 Gerald paid a buck and got in line to get into
the room of a girl with no limbs.

 And Gerald was twenty when he found out that love
 was something that he knew long ago.
 He told the whore she was half of a girl he once knew
 and she said, "Yeah, Gerald, I know."
 They had had a pretend wedding with a pretend veil
 in a derelict Episcopal church
 but now he was a sailor and she an amputee
prostitute who somewhat resembled a kidney.

Little Sap and Varicose

Little boy in tight pajamas
dreams of donuts and bananas,
knows the rub that makes him feel
like when he got his first Big Wheel.
 When Mommy comes he smiles at her
but he's never seen her madder.
 Little tree don't leak no sap
still Mommy gives his rear a slap...

He don't know what to think…

 He sneaks a peek at funny Grandpa
 fumbling with grey baggy pants, "Ah
 there's the snap," the baggy pants
fall to the shoes. See Grandpa dance!
With every step, black calf supp-hose
fall farther down the varicose.
Old man puts old man in old hand
while this young lad can understand.

 He don't know what to think…

Standing naked save his shoes
now Grandpa's turning shades of blue.
He starts to shake and then he stops
then to the floor stone dead he drops.
Yeah, and although he's very clever
as the little boy has never
seen an old man naked nor
seen someone have a stroke before…

 He don't know what to think.

Shadowy Lesbian Pornograph

Bloody autographs of his victims
cake and decorate his cave
and the rain that fell on Kensington
smelled of aftershave
when he photographed his dead mother
as the peacefully sleeping bride
of a groom called "Mr. Pineapplehead"
with an apple chunk nose, maraschino eyes
and he found a shiny penny
in her private place:
 "God bless you, Mr. Lincoln.
  Every penny wears your face."

The Dead Hymen

Powdered paraffin lozenge
wrapped in your box like a shoe,
now all your lonely and distant cousins
finally have you where they always wanted you:

On the wreck of a rotted erotic thuggery
a mecca besotted in drugs and buggery
june bug belly up a dead bug belly
a moth who married me.


One moment you were burning
the pork chops and the rice.
The next you had null set
symbols in your eyes.
Passing renal blood
on the crapper with my coffee...
The coffee spills and burns my leg
and I'm out of toilet tissue again.

Either me or the world, one of us has to go away.
I'm all alone with the world as of today.

You came to me when your lover
escaped across the water.
He was a "Spanish Intellectual,"
you were an American farmer's daughter.

I comforted you with poison
and we married in a torchlit bog
but your Daddy knew and your Daddy's friends knew
you would always be Daddy's little dog.

Daddy knew and Daddy's friends knew you were there.
You fought back but you fought too fair.
Heaven knows how many men were dripping from your hair.

And so your mother took you
with the promise of a new hairdo
to where a suction with no seduction
took a red dead wet thing out of you.
But that was my red dead wet thing too...
that was my red dead wet thing too...
that was my red dead wet thing too…
that was my red dead wet thing too...

And I said I would kill your mother
then I said I would kill your father.
I was going to kill your mother
but I never did.

Less Than Queer

Found you in the town
where I drew my infant breath.
The name of the town is Welsh for
"Failure and Death."
The place where the people who hated me
taught me to hate myself.
Whenever I'm urinating
I'm reminded of their smell.

If I am queer, you are less than queer.
If I am queer, you are less than queer.
You are a son of this town.
You are soon to be a dead son of this town.

Your newly-lidless eyes fill up with blood
so I cauterize the slice with a soldering gun.
Now you see it clearly shimmer
blue and wet and swollen
and the beauty of the moment
sends a shiver through your colon.

But I'll put that mess in the freezer.
I'll starve you for a week.
I wonder if you'll eat it then.
Guess we'll have to wait and see
for you are son of this town
and I am a son of this town
but you are the Homecoming Queen
and I am the Prince of Fiends.

Ship of Snails

You had a very bad cold
you were running in the bed
so I handed you a napkin
and kissed you on the head.

Every kiss of joy
was an order to deploy
into killing fields of memory
so get thee to a nunnery.

Half a fat man's chance in a transom
you're willing still to try
but you can't kill the one you love
'cause they never die.

Oh drown me, silly daughter
in the fecal-filthy water
fed like sin on seraphim
nary bladder, bowel nor defehren.

 Ship of Snails Ship of Snails Ship of Snails
 Ship of Snails Ship of Snails Ship of Snails

 Soon you'll have a baby
 that I will never see.
 If he's born with a wooden head
 please name him after me.

And when they tell you that I've died
and I'm starin' down from Heaven
dearie pray, your face turns white
if only for a second.

Severed Hand Holding Daisies

You had this theory
about the Virgin Mary.
You said that she was raped
that Jesus was a child of rape.
And when I tried to kiss you
my beautifully annoying love
you said that I was Joseph
though I felt more like Ignatius Loyola.

So at the parish festival
I bought you a Mary doll.
Indeed she looked a lot like you
until you pulled her head off.
You hated this life
and love I never doubted
you hated me too
though you were kind of sweet about it.
But all your enemies
I would have shot them dead
not even one by one
 but in groups of one hundred.

Severed Hand Holding Daisies

Joseph is a rapist.

Joseph is a rapist.

Legends of the S.S.

Satyrs bray and leer
at this virgin wood you bruise
as you rape away his fear
of womanhood and Jews.
Skin once on my neck and face
now dies beneath your nails
a pittance for the fecund glaze
of Heaven in my hot entrails.

Where you lead I follow.
Where you stand I kneel and swallow.

Poured the kerosene on the unsuspecting youth,
lit the match that dragged me down the path of wretched truth.
Sent my baby a birthday card
in an envelope of pearl:
"Rebel, Rebel, your body's charred,
can't tell if you're a boy or a girl. “

You traitor to the Order
with your secret Negro daughter.

Death's head daisy chains of genitalia and vermouth...
Oh, no one understood our love, no not even you...
You! Sick fag at the codeine trough
sweet sputum my soul to soften.
It's not the cough that carries you off
it's the coffin they carry you off in.

And I'm the coffin they carry you off in.

Sandra Lindsey

Sandra Lindsey, where are you going
with that gallon of gasoline?
Put it down now, pet the dog and
drink a cup of Ovaltine.

Father's diddling while his nasty
apotheosizes pederasty
sodomizing all who gather
on his mattress of cadavers.
Brother's painting semi-bastard
postcards of airship disasters.
Mother, snacking on the sofa
swallows wholly half a loaf of bread.

 Auntie's soaking knickers gather
 the treacheries of an aging bladder.
 Uncles not worth confiscating
 slide into her sewer grating.
 Nephew's nibbling on a portion
 of his girlfriend's last abortion:
 "No scrotum of my son will be a cathedral
 for maggot, mealworm or boweevil."

 Sanda Lindsey, where are you going
 with that gallon of gasoline?
 Put it down now, melt the dog and
 drink a cup of stelazine
 Sandra Lindsey, Sandra Lindsey
 oh my sweet Gethsemane!
 Your face creeps into my consciousness
 like a death in the family...

 Sandra Lindsey, where are you going
 with that gallon of gasoline?
 Put it down now, pet the dog and
 drink a cup of Ovaltine.
 Sandra Lindsey, Sandra Lindsey
 in a dream I baptize thee:
"Sad of all the dark and dripping,
 sweating, bleeding, kissing..."
 Sandra Lindsey, where are you going?
 Are you coming back to me?
 Scars are glowing, sacs are growing,
 Catholicity porcine!
 Sandra Lindsey, Sandra Lindsey
 sullen pouty brothel dream.
 Roses and a Swastika...
 Happy Birthday to me!

 And when all's said and done
 consider me the tongue
 on which your monthly murdered ova bleed.

The Crippled Lord of Fairies

You ate the head of God
and choked my hole with glue.
I killed myself with alcohol
when I should have been killing you.

 "She was never sixteen her father lied, her
 brother used a knife to make it wider."
 Crippled Lord of Fairies, I'm your dairy bell
 cornered like a Goering in a gallow cell.

I Was a Fool in Love

I was a fool in love
a fool in love with foolishness
and though I was lover to a fool
I wouldn't say love is foolish.


 Now the pretty girl is gone
and only ugly men with murder eyes remain.
 I dyed my Easter egg black.
 My Savior ain't comin' back.

Taxidermy Tragedy

Condemned by your blue eyes
I no longer fear nor
curse the the ugly monkey man in my mirror.
I'll gladly go
if you apply the final blow.
Oh, Helga, how did you know?

And so the light goes out
at least for me
with one last beep
on the E.K.G.
In Heaven it's breakfast
and God is eating pancakes.
The angels are snoring;
they get to sleep in late.

But I sincerely doubt
they got room for me in there.
Then again, doubt perhaps
is the only pure form of prayer

for a taxidermy tragedy...

Gentleman Farmer Slips Away

Soon into the dirt I fall.
I see you laughing at the funeral hall
choosing from a glossy catalog
a coffin two sizes too small.
Have I turned another little girl
into a wicked woman of the world?

I prefer the little one stay
for when i wake up nauseous everyday
she says I'll be all right
and though I go to bed nauseous every night...

The milk of death is on me
so I´m busy dyin´ now.
You can´t talk back
to the udders of a cow.