1. Hello Columbus
2. Not a Gear at All
3. Listen Somewhat Awkward

Hello Columbus

Your meal was manufactured
just to stain my dish.
Socks hang from the shower rod
like sad white fish.

I bathe her face in piss
for the flies about her fear it.
I penetrate her anus
with a civilizing spirit.

Oh, Columbus
Hello, Columbus...

Hello, Columbus.
Hello, Columbus.
Hello, Columbus.
Ave Columbus!

Your life was manufactured
just to feed my wish.
Socks hang from the shower rod
like slaughtered savages.

I would make love to you
if I only knew where my gun
Love lives infinitely
when stripped of mutual consent.

Not a Gear at All

And what is agony
if not ecstacy's ultimate legacy?
You see, I fell forward and felt forgiven
for giving disease and despair to my
I live to serve and serve to live
so why don't I deserve to live?
Surprise me from denial when
you're breastfed by the firemen.

Now, don't go goin' grandiose
for anyone else but me.
You got tumors in your panoply
a fat panfish in your tapestry.
My soulmate died three years before
she and I ever got to meet.
That's why I'm
one of the weak
not of the annointed
capacity still to be disappointed.

Not a gear at all
but the blade of a circular saw gone dull.

Listen Somewhat Awkward

I'm somewhat awkward with women.
I get so giddy with a beautiful girl
but let's give conversation a whirl

Even though I'm reliving a dream
I feel so under-rehearsed.
(If I am Christlike in my magnaminity
will it be Magdalenean what she gives to me?)

Best left unsaid.
I tested negative again.
My heart, the victim
of your reckless maintenance.

And the inquest brought no closure
only words that left me colder:
"vaginal abrasions and contusions..."

Prayer distills fear from hope
for the brothel ship in my periscope.

I know I'm awkward with women.
I think I know what that bastard meant:

all bad things
happen by accident.