1. The Official Picnic Song
2. Dashing Habber
3. Quackadoodledoo
5. Closet
6. heat's down the seeking missile
7. A Patch of Fog in Purgatory
8. What's Your Scene, Jellybean?
9. Dodecaphonybaloney
11. Peanuts, Candy, a Dog and a Bird
12. Ten Pound Bag
13. Meine Schwester, Die Krankenschwester
14. Turn Off All the Very Hot Things

The Official Picnic Song

The chickens are flying upside down
into their fryers predestined
and I ceremonially transcend
my strawberry-suckling friend.

We sing the official picnic song
and I'm suddenly less young.
I fall asleep and I sleep so long
an anthill grows on my tongue.

Is your quality of life sufficient
for the treatment to continue?
Each blind benign atrocity steals
the sorry from your sinew.

Trust me.
Trust me.
Trust me.
Trust me
to sing the official picnic song
to sing the official picnic song
to sing the official picnic song
to sing the official picnic song:

"They had a Hitler cat and a Stauffenberg dog
(one eye missing and half a paw)."

Dashing Habber

If a man has no hair
beneath his dashing habber
well, the world doesn't care
to the world it doesn't matter.

Every asshole's fantasizing
that a woman wants an asshole
but if you're so surmising
pack some chocolates in your satchel.

'Cos you catch more flies with sugar than vinegar.
You catch more flies with sugar than vinegar,


Quackadoodle doo, Quackadoodle doo doo doo

He kind of looks like a duck in a chicken costume.
He kind of looks like a chicken in a duck costume.

Death ingested through the feet.
We only live when we vomit more than eat
Ôtil eventually the residue flows out of reach
of instigation of the gag reflex.


open windows
and open doors
open anything

an open can
of tomato juice
spills into the sink

I'm opening
a dresser drawer
to get myself a shirt

heat's down the seeking missile

heat's down the seeking missile
found ground

just needed a belly to sleep in

leaving rivulets of nitroglycerine

plates round
the sparrows whistle
no sound

Silence was needed anyway!

So coumadin could come on in
(like hoof and mouth in a horse with gout)
and thin my thickening walls
(in an overcrowded stall)
Look at me: I'm Hennepin
in a barrel beneath my falls.

And these are my falls!

A Patch of Fog in Purgatory

It's a patch of fog in purgatory.
It's the tired epilogue of a tragic story.
It's the afterward and the denoument.
It's the index and the codex and the coup de grace.

I was fenestrated
that's right, thrown into a window
up from the street
and into a mouth
with someone else's teeth.

It's the Sandy Claws of the Easter Fairy.
It's an ice cream cone that falls in a cemetery.
It's c'est La Vie and c'est La Guerre.
Es lebe Deutschland and God bless Amer.

They devoured him like food
inside of a toy.
Spirits atrophy
for the daddy of this house
who's mother of his own catastrophe

What's Your Scene, Jellybean?

What's your scene, Jellybean?
Who's your man, Miss Marzipan?
Little girls like candy. So do I!

I see you in your wolfman's hat
vampire cape and stomping flies
in the boots you stole from Frankenstein.

Take a tea of tannis root and drink for Nick.
You and me and my clubbed foot.

What's your scene, Jellybean?
What's that sound that brings you down?
Steal a horse's smile from the carousel.

Is that almonds that I smell?
Kneel gallant, the gallows knell…

I'll take my chances in Hell.


Into the black light of a thousand limes
whole kernels of copius rain
the steak tasered in its mockery
of lightning and of life…

Allow him to whimper if he must.
His tears bought the dishwasher
that runs on sand.

Peanuts, Candy, a Dog and a Bird

Losing his grip on the carrot and the stick
much more of a Parkinson than he'd care to admit.
Tables ain't no places for a couch-fighting man.
He's a bit of a handful, but you happily have a hand.

Salty and sweet
a bark and a tweet.
Salty and sweet
a bark and a tweet:

A Dog!
(and a) a Bird!

Ten Pound Bag

In a struggle unworthy of gentlemen
on a field unworthy of feet
if the ocean would devour us all
if the sea should swallow us

There's a dick in your mouth and cum in your hand
and you call it a ticket to the promised land.
There's a cricket in the mix of the master plan.
There's a termite in the soul of Peter Pan.

Thirteen pounds of shit in a ten pound bag.

Meine Schwester, Die Krankenschwester

die Krankenschwester
zu Hause mit mir.
Meine Scwhester
die Krankenschwester
in Spital mit dir!

Meine Tochter
sie ist ein Doktor
sie ist ein Doktor fur Tiere.
Deine Hunden
und deine Katzen
und deine Enten…
bringst du hier!

Meine Schwester
die Krankenschwester
endlich in Spital
mit mir.
Meine Schwester
die Krankenschwester
zu Hause
mit dir.

Turn Off All the Very Hot Things

Turn off all the very hot things:
the iron and the oven and the stove.
Those matches on the heater might explode
and I don't like the way those lightbulbs glow.

Sitting in an igloo
waiting for snow.

Sitting in an igloo.