Tony Dickie, Compulsion, review of I Have Forgotten How to Love You

   Oh, what a troubadour. D.E. Williams is a unique individual who grafts a truly perverse lyric to splendid musical backing of lush orchestration, piano and horns. His singing voice that recounts these sick fantasies (covering several bodily fluids, tourniquets, rape, murder...) sounds like a tone deaf Nick Cave impersonating David Bowie, but Nick Cave was never this depraved, debauched or goddamn funny. A selection of titles include: The Day The Birth Stood Still, Vaginal Interior Decorator and That Skirts Too Short For A Funeral Honey, a snippet of lyrics read: "After three days I'm tired of your obfuscated colostomy. Half of your friends want to be diapered and the other half really ought to be." These skewered visions of the world are matched by beautiful arrangements enclosed in beautiful stain glass designed cover. So, if you find beauty in the perverse then the works of Mr Williams will be like discovering a goldmine. Lounge music for misfits. (Cthulhu)