Ian Hall, Industrial Nation

It's a rainy day in southwest Baltimore. A few brave souls wander the streets huddled under their bumbershoots, picking through the few vendor stalls still in place from a mostly aborted street festival. I'm standing under the awning of a local taproom with a trio of friends, anxiously waiting for the entertainment to begin. David E. Williams and his posse of musical miscreants are about to risk electrocution to play a show, just for us. They share their gift, and it is truly great.

Jump ahead several years to the present day. David E. Williams has just released his first full-length CD in eight years, and I'm beside myself with anticipation. Unsurprisingly, this masterfully provocative lyricist has once again delivered with gusto! Actor Bob Cranes lurid lifes tale is told for posterity. A pushy "Game Warden" chides a boy of six over the size of the fish he has cau ght. Another tells the tale of a doctor who keeps finding foreign objects inside her niece's nether passage during gynecological checkups. "First Time Offender" chronicles the naughty misdeeds of a perverted priest. My personal favorite is "The Need for Less Sex in the World", a cheery tale about a closet homosexual who plies a homeless man for sex, using money, food, and drugs. He gets a lamp crammed up his poop chute for his troubles.

I can only hope that we wont have to wait eight more years for another long player from this brilliant songwriter. Why, that'd be almost as awful as suffering through eight years of a really bad presidency!