Goat, Starvox

Not long ago I was looking through a dark corner of my Stuff, and ran across my beautiful red Triumph of the Williams vinyl. I wondered to myself what David has been up to lately. Synchronicity intact, his latest CD arrived for review not much later. This release finds David's voice more beautiful than ever.

The music is as always, fantastically eloquent and elegant. The lyrics? Once described as "gas chamber humor", have gotten even darker. It's rather like Adam Parfrey's "Apocalyse Culture" books set to neo-classical electronic symphonies. A dark, ugly nightmare that transcends beauty into a realm of awe-struck silence and smug acceptance. A knowingness that gluts itself to the point of innocence.

I suppose I don't recommend his recordings to the easily offended or the self-righteously correct. If however, you enjoy the fantasies of Joe Coleman; if you're off your meds; if you know you're not even human; then, yes darling, this one's for you.