Peter Vercauteren, Gonzo(Dutch review translated into English by its author)

The diabolical crooner David E. Williams doesn't cross the path of the music industry too often. For eight years we got the silence treatment while he was contriving fifteen new songs. Williams abuses rich arrangements of several self-played instruments: from piano, triumphant synthesizers and military percussion to acoustic guitar. Each track is a small but detailed perverted painting, depicting the weird realities of human behaviour. The toys are a little hairy after they were used by children suffering from cancer, a girl hangs upside down with her torso split open and just when our protagonist is penetrating his dream-girl, she suffers a stroke and swallows her tongue... If your stomach can take these lovely themes, the appreciation of Williams' songs is a matter of (dis)liking his voice. Sometimes the singing is deadly monotone, but in the next song Williams is screaming and biting like The Virgin Prunes trying to squeeze that frog out of their throat. The musical talents of this infernal troubadour are obvious and it's no surprise that his soundtracks have some reputation in horned circles. Sucking up the whole cd in one take is overkill, but in small doses 'Hope Springs A Turtle' puts a devilish grin on the angel-face of yours truly.