Lisa Swiss, Industrial Nation

Rozz Williams, may he rest in peace. In October 1996, Rozz Williams did a one-time live performance in Philadelphia with David E. Williams. The result of which is the live recording, Accept the Gift of Sin, a documentation of this strangely odd Rozz event. Not an old Christian Death set, not evan an old Shadow Project or Daucus Karota set, Accept the Gift of Sin is just merely Rozz and his raw talent. Rozz chose an array of interesting songs for this event, from slowed down versions of his Christian Death classics "Cavity" and "When I was Bed" to Cabaret's "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" to the seventies soft rock hit "I'm Not in Love" to "Dream a Little Dream of Me." Joking with the audience throughout the entire performance, Accept the Gift of Sin was Rozz showing off his quirky side. And rather well, I may add. Not your typical Rozz, but a must for the typical Rozz worshipper.