Sonya Brown, Gothic Beauty

"Philadelphia Freedom..." Rozz sings, as he addresses fans in this rare performance captured live in 1996. The Rozz we meet here is not the iconic image that Christian Death fans will readily recognize. This is Rozz, wrapped in drama, delivering us his intimate, more private soul. Within "Accept The Gift of Sin", we find such opposites as a bouncy cabaret-like version of the Mama Cass tune, "Dream A Little Dream of Me" (giving me visions of top hats and canes), leading into "Mindf**k (Soundtrack to a Murder)", featuring spoken word over a terminator-ish droning noise backdrop. Vocals on many of the tracks (particularly "Cavity" and "When I Was Bed") remind me of David Bowie (circa his Ziggy caricature, or the mellower Hunky Dory era). The genius of David E. Williams provides the orchestration that accompanies the vocals of Rozz Williams. Lift a pint of ale and sing along - A capella style - to "Beautiful Brownshirted Man", or get a little teary (as I did) when Rozz brings out an endearing cover of the 10cc 70's pop hit, "I'm Not In Love". CD insert contains an introduction written by David E. Williams that brings tears to my eyes and a chill up my spine. This is a keeper.