Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis, author of Lords of Chaos), The Fifth Path, "David E. Williams: Decadent Priest in the Garden of Earthly Delights"

   One of the most exciting unsolicited things I have ever received in the mail was a cassette of songs by David E. Williams. Quite likely you've never heard of him, and nor had I, but when I got around to sticking the tape in my stereo I was led into another realm. Like a skald who overdosed on ergot, Williams relates visions of the worst atrocities as if he had just experienced them that afternoon. His droning deadpan voice spins remorseless tales of the human disease, accompanied by lush instrumentation and keyboard. Picture Liberace with a brain tumor, performing for the most deacadent of Roman Emperors. With song titles spanning rom "Legends of the SS" to "Severed Hand Holding Daisies" Williams' series of demo tapes (as well as the 12" EP Pseudo Erotica) have always managed to catch the attention of their reviewers, no matter how jaded a music journalist they may be. His bizarre compositions defy any traditional categorization, leading to descriptions that would be absurd when applied to anything else. And now, after existing as a shameful pleasure to those lucky enough to get a tape in the mail, or witness one of his occasional live performances in Philadelphia, Williams has just finished recording his first proper CD for the unwary public. Featuring amazing stained-glass cover art by Judith Schaecter, as well as contributions from guitarist Jerome Deppe and an array of musicians, it promises to be an event.